Wurst Guillotine - Allesschneider

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  • Finally a kitchen helper that has what it takes!
  • The Slicer Sausage Guillotine takes care of a lot of annoying tasks for you!
  • Extremely suitable for sausage, cheese or vegetables
  • With security lock for kids or confused revolutionaries
  • The guillotine is made of wood with a high quality stainless steel blade!

Sausage Guillotine Details:

  • The slicers Wurst Guillotine
  • Perfect as a gift for mom or dad ;)
  • Simple, fast and effortless and with a double-layered stainless steel blade
  • Made from untreated, unstained, solid rubberwood
  • Including safety latch
  • Wood cutting machine with double-sided sharpened blade & safety pin on the cutter
  • Can be used for sausage, cheese and vegetables, plus quick and easy cleaning
  • Total dimensions approx. 29 x 19.5 x 9.5 cm; Packaging approx. 29.5 x 19.5 x 12.5 cm
  • Weight approx. 720 grams

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