USB desk fan

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  • Very quiet electric motor with low power consumption
  • Super flexible and portable fan for cool temperatures everywhere
  • Can be used universally on devices with a USB output, e.g. B. PCs, notebooks and other devices, etc.
  • For an optimal position, the frame can be fixed up and down
  • Extremely lightweight metal frame with an ON/OFF switch
  • Pleasant temperatures everywhere!

Desk fan details:

  • Flexible usage: Thanks to its compact dimensions, you can place the fan on any desk, for example
  • Economical operation: With a low power consumption of only 30 watts, the device is energy-efficient even at the highest speed level.
  • High level of security: the full metal safety grille and an additional locking screw promise a high level of security at all times.
  • Perfect gift for summer - with the desk fan it always stays cool!
  • color bronze
  • CE, WEEE markings
  • Length 160mm, width 150mm, height 100mm
  • Diameter 130mm
  • Weight 288g

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