Toilet paper with QR codes

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  • Video session on toilet break
  • Something per sheet to happily decode
  • For lots of toilet entertainment
  • Don't forget your smartphone ;-)

Toilet paper details:

  • Toilet paper with QR codes
  • Entertainment on the toilet - 3-ply toilet paper - Perfect for longer sessions on the toilet. Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone and enjoy funny videos.
  • Funny Gift - The ideal gift for all occasions: Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Easter, Christmas. Or simply place it in the guest toilet as a joke.
  • Should not be missing in any toilet - the QR toilet paper is ideal as a boredom killer. Perfect to sweeten the time in the loo.
  • Brings humor to the toilet - You can also have fun in the toilet. You have the fun factor on your side, especially if the session lasts longer, the toilet paper serves as a good distraction.
  • Suitable for the camping toilet - especially when camping, the toilet paper can quickly become an extremely important issue. So that no toilet problem arises, the QR toilet paper is the ideal accessory for on the go.
  • Online entertainment for the toilet
  • Just scan the QR code and watch one of many funny videos
  • Overall dimensions approx. 10 cm high, diameter approx. 10 cm
  • Weight approx. 100 grams