starry sky projector

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  • starry sky projector LED Galaxy - multifunctional
  • The starry night sky for your home
  • Contemplative gift idea for a pleasant slumber
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • 360° rotating fulldome projector - projects onto ceilings and walls!
  • Easy operation to switch!

Details about the starry sky projector:

  • The Starlight projector combines the realistic fog of different colors through dynamic projection on the ceiling or wall to create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere in which people feel comfortable. You can choose a single ripple color effect or layer two different colors to create 10 different starry sky projector lighting effects.
  • The starry sky projector has 3 brightness levels. By switching the color, brightness and color saturation of the water wave, you can change the atmosphere in different situations. It can be used as a night light and atmosphere light. When the brightness of the starlight fades, it can provide you or your child with a comfortable sleeping environment

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