Styrian pumpkin seed oil

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  • 100% Styrian pumpkin seed oil from sustainable production
  • A genuine Styrian quality product
  • Valuable and healthy ingredients guaranteed
  • Rich in valuable oils, minerals, vitamins and much more!


"It contains 100% STEIRMARK"

That Biohof Eibler pumpkin seed oil tastes great and is closed 100% ra , a
 "Really Styrian quality product"

The slightly nutty aroma with a mild finish is ideal for marinating salads, for sauces and for refining various dishes.

For the Styrian pumpkin seed oil Eibler family will exclusively pumpkin seeds out controlled organic cultivation used in Styria. The gentle further processing and many years of experience are decisive for the quality and the Preservation of the valuable ingredients in Biohof Eibler Pumpkin Seed Oils.

That Biohof Eibler pumpkin seed oil is rich in mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, contains minerals, vitamins, pantothenic acid and biotin.