Snagger - Snack Spender

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  • With the SNAGGER you get the first, refillable, hygienic
    Snack dispenser for your favorite snacks!
  • The Snagger is suitable for a variety of commercially available snacks, e.g. peanuts, NicNacs, trail mix, M&Ms, ...
  • Simple and one-handed operation
  • An eye-catcher and great gift for your next party.

Details about the snack dispenser:

  • Uncomplicated cleaning in the dishwasher (approved for programs up to 50 degrees)
  • Designed for common cup holders car, bicycle, ...
  • With the SNAGGER you can take your portion, e.g. on your hand, in a relaxed manner and the remaining snacks remain untouched
  • Is for a variety of standard snacks such as peanuts, NicNacs, trail mix, M&Ms or similar. suitable
  • Fits in any standard drink holder, whether in a car, bicycle or camping chair

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