Mystical Fire - Flame coloring powder

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  • Add some color to your fire with the exciting flame coloring powder!
  • The different components create rainbow colors in the fire
  • Works both on a campfire, or in a fireplace
  • A breathtaking effect for cozy evenings around the campfire, or the next party!
  • Exceptional gift that is sure to please!

Details about: Mystical Fire Powder for flame coloring

  • Suitable for any wood fire (stoves, fire bowls, etc.)
  • So every fire gets colorful flames!
  • With 2-3 spoons you have a colorful fire for up to 2 hours under optimal conditions
  • Also ideal for making an impression on the go thanks to the practical tin.
  • Just put 1-3 packets in the fire
  • The color powder is delivered in a resealable can, which also has space for the spoon so that you always have everything together
  • Effect lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours
  • Amazing play of colors. mystical moments. At the fireplace or around the campfire. There is 1000+1 opportunity
  • Content: 250 grams per can
  • With operating instructions and safety instructions.
  • Mystical Fire, the perfect Flame coloring powder