Mini pizza stone oven

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  • Prepare your own delicious pizza in the oven at home!
  • Perfect for multiple people and occasions such as birthdays
  • The alternative to raclette and/or fondue, fun for the whole family ;)
  • An absolute hit for children's birthday parties, party evenings with friends or contemplative with the family

Details about the mini pizza stone oven:

  • Of the Mini Pizza Stone Oven for really delicious pizza!
  • With a total of space for 4 mini pizzas (diameter 11 cm) or one large pizza (25 cm)
  • Incl. Pastry cutter, sheet metal base plate, 4 pizza shovels and terracotta hood
  • 2 heating rods above and below for a crispy base and a juicy topping
  • Operating instructions in German with recipe suggestions
  • No smoke is produced during preparation; The pizza shovels have heat-insulated handles
  • The handmade terracotta clay hood absorbs moisture and therefore creates a wonderfully crispy pizza
  • The upper and lower heating loops make the pizza crispy on the bottom and the cheese runs wonderfully on top