Mini chainsaw for the garden

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  • Never feel like hard gardening again?
  • The mini chainsaw is the perfect gadget for that!
  • Perfect as a gift for hobby do-it-yourselfers or garden lovers
  • Compact and safe design, for the best possible performance
  • High performance motor with low vibration

Details about the mini chainsaw:

It doesn't matter whether you have to limb trees, the hedge needs to be trimmed or shrubs need a new cut - with ours Mini chainsaw for the garden, all this work in the garden is no longer a problem. The mini chainsaw is very handy and fits into the smallest gap between the branches. the hand or the arm does not get tired during longer work, even overhead.

ALL EURO CERTIFICATIONS AVAILABLE: Our mini chainsaw is CE tested, RoHS certified and meets the usual EU standards. You don't have to worry about security issues. ATTENTION: CE/RoHS/ FCC marks are on the tool case.

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