Mini beard straightener - beard straightener

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Have you tried everything? Just gave everything, really everything, but nothing worked? Her beloved full beard despite intensive care, sticks out in all directions and looks like the died rosemary bush on your balcony? Then you could make one last attempt: try an electric one Beard straightener.

The hair on our face is natural much more stubborn and thicker than our head hair. Shampoo and hair dryer are usually not enough to tame the wild beard hair. Men with a lush full beard in particular are likely to be familiar with this problem. This is where the beard straightener comes into play. 

The device works similar to a Mini straighteners for the hair. It looks like an electric brush or comb, but has an extra feature on the head Heating elements with a tourmaline or keratin ceramic coating. This allows the beard straightener to be heated to between 120 and 200 degrees Celsius in just a few seconds. When combing through with the electric hair straightener, the beard hairs are straightened by the heated bristles.

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