Magic Plasma Ball

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  • Magic Plasma Ball, reacts to touch, purifies the air
  • The classic plasma ball with the mysterious flickering plasma bolts
  • The magical effect still fascinates today
  • These flashes can be controlled by touching the ball.

Plasma Ball Details:

  • The effect flashes are completely harmless and only discharge inside the ball.
  • Touch-Activated Plasma Ball: Part science, part magic, and all fun! This plasma ball reacts to your touch and emits beams of light wherever your fingertips go. Inspire your friends and give every room a special ambience.
  • Sterilizes and purifies the air: The plasma ball lamp produces a large amount of negative ions that absorb bacteria and neutralize positively charged elements such as dust and smoke in the air.
  • Healthy Benefits: The ball can activate oxygen molecules in the air and activate various body enzymes to stimulate metabolism and ensure a good night's sleep.

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