Do all this - 50 lots

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  • Do all this - life is short! The ultimate ticket set
  • 50 colorful text lots with 50 different exciting tasks and challenges
  • Great experience gift for a fun everyday life and as a great inspiration
  • Cool challenge for you or as a gift for friends, partners, parents etc.
  • Funny gift as a boredom killer for men and women

Details on Do It All:

  • 50 tasks in colorful lot form
  • A bag full of tickets – but not just tickets:
  • These ones come with 50 challenging quests, sort of a game of life. Wonderfully inspirational and slightly crazy.
  • The lots are filled into the bags and sealed entirely by hand and exclusively by women.
  • From easy to difficult: there is something for everyone here
  • different local focuses
  • Material: Papier
  • Made in Germany!
  • Weight: about 1g