Lavalampe Retro

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  • Deluxe lava lamp red, orange, silver
  • Fascinating play of colors for the home!
  • Modern piece of furniture with an interesting play of light
  • With an aluminum base: the lava lamp stands securely

Lava lamp details:

  • The Retro lava lamp in the original glass design impresses with a fascinating play of colors of wax in warm red and the liquid in orange and ensures an absolute feel-good atmosphere in your living room or is a trendy eye-catcher for young people.
  • Socket: E14, max. 25 Watt.
  • The lightbulb generates heat that starts the lava process: this may take some time (>2 hours).
  • Please note: The warm lava lamp should never (!) shake or turn it upside down, this adversely affects the process and can lead to discoloration of the liquid.
  • The illuminant consists of aMade of robust glass and the lamp is operated via a switch on the cable.
  • Style: Retro
  • Material: Aluminium, Glas

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