Bottle Opener - Thor's Hammer

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  • Now opening bottles is even easier!
  • Be ready for refreshment with a Marvel Avenger
  • The perfect gift for any Thor Marvel fan!
  • Can be used anywhere - bar, kitchen, gastronomy...
  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • In the shape of a bottle opener similar to Thor's hammer

Bottle opener details:

  • Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener
  • The bottle opener has a sturdy and durable structure, made of thick alloy, which is rust-resistant and difficult to deform
  • Allows for easy storage after use and easy portability when traveling. It is the best tool used in both formal and casual occasions at home, bar, meeting, party or wedding
  • The Warhammer Bottle Opener is the perfect gift for any Thor Marvel fan, adult or child

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