energy bundle

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  • Set consisting of 4 products
  • Organic and sustainably manufactured products
  • Without coloring and preservatives
  • High quality vegetable protein source
  • Perfect for gourmets and connoisseurs!


  • Premium hemp products produced regionally in Styria
  • Set consists of 4 products: organic hemp protein 500g, organic hemp seeds 400g, organic hemp seed oil 100ml, organic CBD aroma oil 7% 10ml
  • In addition: CBG aroma flowers 5g + 5g free as a gift on top
  • Two different choices, either with aroma flowers or without
  • Sustainability, regionality, transparency and a love of nature come first. All products come from organic farming and ecological cultivation methods!


Our products are and always will be 100% legal.
In compliance with the youth protection regulations, insofar as the products fall under youth protection regulations, we will only sell our products to people who 18. age have completed, put on the market.


Danger!Smoking CBD/CBG aroma flowers can harm your health, we recommend: Vaporizing CBG flowers in a vaporizer as part of aromatherapy.