Bio Hanfblütentee

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  • Unique taste and handpicked with care
  • Unmistakable tea experience that tastes good in every cup
  • Either revitalizing and invigorating or relaxing and calming
  • Organic and sustainably manufactured product
  • Perfect for gourmets!


  • Organic hemp flower tea produced regionally in Styria
  • Product consists of: 1 x hemp flower tea 30g or 50g
  • Unmistakable tea experience for everyone
  • Sustainability, regionality, transparency and a love of nature come first. All products come from organic farming and ecological cultivation methods!

Preparation recommendation

Pour boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons of hemp flower tea per 250ml. Depending on the desired effect and taste, let the tea steep. The taste can become slightly bitter if you let the tea steep for too long.

  • revitalizing and invigorating  that. Leave for 5 minutes.
  • relaxing and calming leave to stand for about 15 minutes.