Anti-stress testicles

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  • Intended as a joke and absurd souvenir!
  • Alleviate stress through targeted kneading on the testicles
  • Material: Elastic Rubber
  • Very comfortable to grip
  • Perfect for time pressure, stress, anger or nervousness

Stress has many faces! Pressure at work, nervousness before university exams, maybe bad time management and suppressed worries. We have to do something: Your face against the stress is a Testicles - an anti-stress ball, which is not round, but in the shape of a ball.

From now on it's time to knead the collection bag and finally come to rest. Wherever and whenever you feel like it. Its compact dimensions keep it mobile and at the same time space-saving when you attach it somewhere. There is a suction cup above the practical bull pouch. With its help, you can easily attach your stress testicles discreetly under the tabletop and lend a hand at work at any time. This does not yet qualify as a sexual act.

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