Anti stress dice

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  • Anti Stress Dice
  • Helps to release negative feelings, pages with different functions
  • Ideal for teenagers, adults and nervous fingers
  • The Anti Stress Cube is perfect as a gift for stressed friends
  • Anti-stress cube with different functional sides
  • Ideal for keeping nervous fingers busy

Details about the stress cube:

  • No more drumming your fingertips on the table, no more fiddling with paper
  • From now on you can use your anti-stress cube if you are restless, nervous or irritable!
  • There are five buttons on the first page. If you want to press the pen, you can try this function. There are three buttons that produce a sound and two other buttons that are silent.
  • The second surface is a seesaw that simulates a joystick.
  • The third side is a switch that can be constantly opened and turned off. 
  • The fourth side can relieve fatigue and repeated finger rubbing
  • The fourth face has a ball and three dials, according to reports, constantly rotating balls can bring a good mood.
  • The Anti Stress Cube is perfect as a gift for stressed friends
  • Of course you can also increase your concentration and calmness with this cube!
  • Studies show that people with nervous fingers are more focused when playing with an object
  • This is where the anti-stress cube comes into its own!
  • Farbe: Galaxy
  • Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 36mm Weight: 35g