Frequently asked questions and answers


What is the advantage of an online account?

Your personal online account has the advantage that you have an overview of your most recent activities, such as the orders you have placed, your shopping baskets and your notepad.

How can I set up my personal Venogift online account?

You can access your personal online account at Venotoxic account set up. Click on "Login/Create new account". In the next step please enter your first name/last name, your email and a well-chosen password :)

How can I register in the webshop?

In order to receive information about your last orders, your notepad and your shopping carts, you do not have to register, but it would not be a bad idea. This takes place under Venogift Sign In. Please enter your e-mail address and your personal password to register.

an order

How can I change/cancel an order?

Please email us with your problem

Where can I get information about my order?

You will receive information about your order via the service mail or the Online-Support Around the clock!

Customer data/address data

How can I change my saved data?

To change your personal information, please contact us Venogift an.
You can update your stored data under the heading "Settings" under "Personal data".


When will I receive my delivery?

You will receive information about your delivery via the service mail or to the Online-Support Around the clock!


How do I claim a defective product?

In addition to the statutory warranty of 24 months, Venogift gives you a guarantee of at least six months from the date of the invoice. Please contact me via our service mail


How can I return an item?

At the moment I do not offer the possibility to exchange or complain about a product!  Please be patient, this feature will be available in our shop soon!


Which payment methods do you offer?

The payment methods I offer can be found under Payment.

Other questions

Your question was not answered?

For further questions contact me via our service mail or the Online-Support whenever you want!