The perfect birthday gift

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Perfect birthday gifts that make you happy

Are you looking for birthday gifts that are really good and you don't have to be afraid that the recipient might not like the gift? Then this blog is perfect for you, because we will show you cool, creative and great gift ideas that are definitely a hit at every birthday! You think that would be an impossible task? Then we'll prove it to you now, all you have to do is read our blog!

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gifts of money

Of course, when we say gifts of money, we don't mean that the recipient gets money for their birthday, but packaging, a souvenir that can be equipped in such a way that you can place money in it. There would be, for example personalized money boxes, which you can even give your own personal touch, e.g. with a photo or the name of the recipient. Another really cool idea is the Rocher tree in the cup. Never heard of it? Then you're probably not the only one.

Here is a short introduction: You can easily make the Rocher tree yourself in no time with a few utensils. You only need the following things:

  • A (personalised) mug
  • two styrofoam balls (one suitable for the cup, one big for the chocolate)
  • 2 packets of Rochers
  • a staff
  • hot glue
  • a loop

For handicraft instructions:

1.) The styrofoam ball is placed on the stick so that it looks like a big lollipop

2.) Now we fill our flower pot with floral foam that has been cut to size and put the stick in the middle of the flower pot as a test. However, we pull the stick out again for the pasting.

3.) Now we can start decorating the ball with the candy. To do this, the sweets are coated with a hot glue gun and pressed against the future sweets tree until they hold by themselves. We repeat this until the ball is completely filled with candy and the styrofoam disappears completely.

4.) If the ball is now completely glued, we fill our flower pot with flower foam that has been cut to fit, after which the stick can be inserted in the middle of the flower pot.

In the end it all looks like this:

Personalized gifts

Whether your friendship has just begun or has lasted for several decades, there is never anything wrong with a personalized gift. Do you have a funny photo ready, or just want to immortalize a normal photo of you two? Then this is it personalized pillows the perfect choice. I mean who doesn't want to be reminded of their amazing friends every day and best of all with a funny picture that makes you smile every time you walk into your room ;)

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a homemade gift, but how cool would it be, for example, a personalized lighter, and then from the quality brand Zippo? A real hit, especially when you consider that there is also a personal touch, such as the name or a photo of the recipient on the lighter. But such a gift is not only perfect for birthdays, this gift is also perfect for every other conceivable occasion!

Photo clock

Tick tock, time is short. In the stressful everyday life, we often lose track of time, and unfortunately also our loved ones. Family and friends are our closest people, with whom we spend most of our lives. So why not remember the time together more often? With a personalized Fotouhr you can put friends and family in the center of your everyday life or even give them the timepiece as a photo gift present.

Watches are ideal as a gift to say thank you for the time together and personal memories. To make it even easier for loved ones, the glass clock comes with a quartz movement and suspension device - so don't waste any time.

Have you ever seen a photo clock? Apparently we knew as little as you before that, but there are actually watches that can be equipped with photos. How cool is that, please, a clock that can be populated with several self-selected photos. This gift idea is especially perfect for mums and dads. 


So if not until now the perfect birthday present was there, we can only offer that you register directly with us in the Shop look around We even have a dedicated category that just brings together birthday gifts. So don't search, find! We hope this blog could help you, or at least give you some food for thought so that you can present your friends with an extraordinary gift idea next time. But until then, off to the shop!