Gifts for men who already have everything!

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Especially great gifts for men who already have everything

Hey, there he is again. That moment when you want to give something to someone who already has everything. This is often even more difficult for men than for women, because here you can almost always find a wonderful little something that sweetens your day. But what about the stronger sex? Don't despair, here are four great gift options that men simply must have!

1. A shirt with a bold slogan

Even a man's wardrobe can never be full enough. Personalized shirts or those with a cheeky saying are among the most popular gifts for a reason. After all, you can also choose these very flexibly according to the personality of the recipient and then hit his sense of humor exactly.

If you can't find one that really fits, you can always create your own saying. More and more service providers are giving their customers the option of having clothing items printed themselves, and by offering this service directly to the end customer, such a gift is also becoming cheaper and cheaper.

The clothing size of the gift recipient is easy to find out without arousing suspicion. If the body shape doesn't give you enough information, you simply peek into the closet inconspicuously on your next visit in a lonely minute or intentionally and unintentionally smudge yourself and ask for a top.

2. A turn signal system for the bike

You read that right, a Turn signal system. Since nowadays there is hardly anything that does not exist, such sophisticated technology is of course not long in coming. So if you want to give a present to someone who travels a lot on their bike, you have found the perfect opportunity here. Because it's not only practical, but will definitely make you laugh out loud at first.

At least until the value of this gadget starts to emerge. Because suddenly you can do without the dizzy balancing act in which you would otherwise have to raise your hand to point the way. This makes cycling much more relaxed!

3. A beard grooming kit

For many men, beards not only have an optical reason that justifies their existence, they are also extremely useful. They protect against dust particles and pollen, as these are better filtered by facial hair. In addition, there are more and more studies that confirm that they protect their wearer from UV rays.

On average, beards grow around 14 cm a year, so they should be well groomed. A good care set therefore not only consists of a comb and scissors, but also has some care wax and usually an excellently scented oil.

4. 100 things you should do once in your life

If all else fails and the person to be gifted is a proud minimalist, an extensive list of exciting things that everyone should do once, the best choice. True to the motto: "Collect moments, not things!"

Because here it is important to work through an exciting bucket list in order to feel life in all its facets. A gift that any adventurous adventure hunter is sure to appreciate. After all, such a list appeals to people's urge to collect.

5. A picture in a beautiful frame

Although the image of a man is often associated with the prejudice that he is not particularly emotional, at one point or another he will certainly surprise you with precisely this characteristic.

So it's a nice gesture to immortalize a special moment shared in a lavish setting. Because even if the recipient has not reserved or decorated a wall for such occasions at home, he will be happy about the message conveyed.

To be on the safe side, you should always choose a picture frame that has a stand so that it can also be placed away from a wall.

6. experience vouchers

For exactly the reason that there are more and more helpless givers, vouchers have become established in recent years. As a result, the prejudice that such items are only given away because they thank you for being so convenient has long since disappeared. Choosing the right one among all possible options can be just as difficult.

But flexibility is probably the biggest advantage here. So what should it be, a leap into adventure with bungee jumping? Or maybe a relaxing thermal spa weekend, because professional stress deserves a little time off?


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