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Gifts are something very personal, so finding the right gift is all the more important, especially when it comes to your best friend. We've got you covered with some very good ones here Gift ideas for best friend together and hope that there will be some helpful gifts so that you can show her how much she means to you on her birthday.

The best gifts for best friends

The best friend is something like our soul mate and at the same time one of the most important people in our lives. It is all the more important to find the right gift for her that really suits her 100%. This task is not easy at all and takes a lot of time!

1. chocolate on a stick

Geschenke für die beste FreundinGeschenke für die beste Freundin


Do you both love chocolate? Then there is actually no more perfect gift than chocolate on a stick, which you can easily make yourself. Oh, what could be nicer than giving sweets, and then even making them yourself.

Ingredients: Star silicone mold, 100 g white chocolate, 100 g milk chocolate, 2 teaspoons coconut oil, popsicle sticks, pens, wrapping paper, scissors, thread, toothpick

Instructions for preparation:

1.) First, the popsicle sticks are trimmed if they are a bit too long. Then sayings like "For You", "Merry X-Mas" or something similar are written on it.

2.) The chocolate is melted separately and then mixed with a teaspoon of coconut oil.

3.) Now use a teaspoon to pour the dark chocolate halfway into the star shape. Pour white chocolate over the rest of the molds.

4.) Using a toothpick or other pointed object, gently mix the chocolates together to create a marbled pattern.

5.) Insert the popsicle sticks into the chocolate and allow them to harden completely.

6.) When the chocolate has hardened, it can be removed from the mold.

7.) Decorate with foil and a piece of yarn and then give away.

And the whole thing is done, wasn't that difficult, was it?

2. DIY diary

Geschenke beste Freundin

It's often really not easy to find a personal gift, especially when the recipient is your best friend. A homemade diary can help you perfectly here! A gift from the heart and a gift that you have invested time in is always well received. The best thing about this book? It collects experiences from the past and combines experiences from the future. The perfect gift for someone special!

What do I need for the memory diary?

A book that can be pasted over (notebooks, photo albums with stable pages), glue, scissors, ruler, pens (writing utensils), suitable gift vouchers (you can also make them yourself), decorative items (wrapping paper, stamps, stickers), photos of you both

After you have collected all the necessary items, you can start designing the photo book. As always, creativity is required, we don't want to dictate everything to you, just be a little creative! First you should plan which sides you want to stick and which not. On the first page you can tell the recipient what to expect when leafing through it.

Tip: A patterned piece of paper spices things up quite a bit! Add some music and the atmosphere is perfect!

Geschenke beste Freundin

Which memories fit into the book?
Before that, you should think about which topics fit well, which topics can be dealt with well in the book.

Good topics are: How it all began..., the most beautiful moment with you..., what I always wanted to do with you... why i like you so much..., etc.

Other topics: The first milestones, vacations together, events you experienced together, small but beautiful moments

Geschenke beste Freundin

To the end ...

At the end of the book you can place a self-made voucher and, for example, tickets for a concert, a balloon ride or a murder mystery dinner! Then the photo book is also perfect and the surprise will definitely be in place!

3. Personalized phone case

Almost half of the world's population owns a smartphone, and it's quite likely that one of them should be your best friend. Almost all of us have our smartphone in our hands several times a day, so why not give something that goes with it? Here comes the personalized phone case! A perfect gift to please your best friend, because a personalized product is always special and will accompany you for a long time. Such a cell phone case is available here for Iphone's and here for Samsung's ;)


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