Gifts that make men happy!

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This is how you ensure a positive surprise in the men's world!

Is it easy to give gifts to men?

Geschenke für MännerYes and no. It's actually not as complicated as you might think at first. But while women rack their brains for hours about what they could give for their next birthday, men often don't expect anything spectacular. You are by no means faced with an unsolvable task. In the end, most men don’t see it that wildly anyway and are happy about everything you give him – after all, it comes from you and for him the gesture counts!

Tip: Don't stress yourself out, it will only complicate things unnecessarily. If you really don't know what you would like to give as a gift, then just ask directly - you'll never go wrong.

The graphic clearly shows the extent to which men's expectations differ from women's ideas regarding the perfect gift for men: there are often very large gaps between men's expectations and the gifts actually received. Above all, men want technology and electronic devices, but books and gifts of money are also very popular. And—wonder—even household goods make an unexpected appearance on some men's wish lists. Interestingly enough, in the end, many men unfortunately get the little-awaited clothing, watches or jewelery from their ladies. Talking to your partner beforehand about their respective expectations and wishes definitely pays off when choosing a gift!

men's gifts vs. women gifts

There's no denying that when men get their hands on the latest advances in technology, they go into a frenzy of joy and leap for joy. Game consoles, DVDs, sound systems or tablets naturally make men's hearts beat faster. And: men love gifts with practical uses! Whether it's a tool box or a grill set, it all depends on personal taste. In contrast to this, most women can do little or nothing with technology gifts and instead cheer madly about a pair of new high heels, make-up, dresses and bags. Since this is unfortunately not the case for the male world, the fairer sex sometimes wonders what can still be considered as a gift.

Really "male" gifts - a guarantee of success?

Of course, this cannot be said in general terms. In connection with gifts for men, "real" gifts for men, such as a paintball voucher, driving a Ferrari or a new game console, come to mind at first. When it comes to your own husband, you would actually think that the decision would be easier - after all, you know him best and know what makes him tick and what he likes to do in his free time.

If your husband is an enthusiastic hobby cook, he will certainly be happier with a voucher for a cooking course than with a paintball voucher. That's why really "manly" gifts only go down well if they reflect the interests and hobbies of the recipient.

NO-GOs: Which gifts should I rather stay away from?

It's better not to buy any DVD just because you haven't found anything "better". The worst of it is when he ends up owning the DVD, or when you've completely disliked his liking. If you're unsure whether your loved one is into romantic comedy, steer clear of Crazy Stupid Love, even if you'd like to see the movie with them. You can't think of anything nicer than receiving a Die Hard DVD collection from your husband, right? Because nothing is more disappointing than being given the feeling that your partner doesn't know what you like best. Ties, pajamas or, in the worst case, home-knitted socks – actually anything that can be worn in any way – are rarely seen by men. There are certainly exceptions who are really happy about self-knitted socks and are over the moon when they get a tie with a leopard print as a gift. But that's more (fortunately?) the minority.

However, the gift hunt is a little more difficult if you are looking for a suitable present for your superior. In this case, the following applies: Inform yourself thoroughly beforehand about any hobbies and preferences of the boss and, if necessary, exchange ideas with colleagues. If you give your boss a gift basket filled with chocolates for his birthday and he then declines it with thanks, you have probably overlooked the fact that he is diabetic. This situation can be quite awkward for both parties. If you heed these points, nothing should go wrong and you will be spared unwanted embarrassment.

Keep in mind: Anyone who gives impersonal gifts should not expect endless enthusiasm!

direct hit! Which gifts are always well received?

Volltreffer MännergeschenkeThe "perfect" gift - in principle, it's all just a question of taste. In general, the more personal a gift is tailored to the man, the better it goes down with him, logically. Take a moment and ask yourself: What sports does he do? Does he like to cook? What are his secret talents? Think about it a few weeks before his birthday instead of panicking and going on a desperate hunt for gifts the day before.

Tip: Keep your eyes and ears open and find out in good time that the gift you want to make him happy with may not have been in his possession for a long time.

Surprise! Instead of simply printing out a voucher for a golf course yourself, give your boss a creatively packaged golf ball. He might be surprised at first, but if he takes a closer look, he'll see that you've placed the words "Coupon for a golf taster course" in tiny letters on the underside of the golf ball. Does your loved one listen spellbound to Stefan Raab's teasing every evening? Then two tickets for TV Total will make his eyes light up - I promise! It is best to combine the tickets with a city trip to Cologne! If your husband is the secret grill master, then give him a grill case with a voucher for a grill course. Is your father a passionate FC Bayern fan? You'll hit the mark with tickets for the next home game in the Allianz Arena. Tickets for their favorite football club are usually very popular with men anyway. Your brother is a daredevil adrenaline junkie and rushes from one adventure to the next? Then next time he should throw himself off the cliff - you can score points with him with action gifts such as cliff jumping or bungee jumping.

Tip: Men are happy about gifts that they do not expect in a positive sense. In other words: stay away from perfumes, shower gels and boring clothes – men prefer to buy their own fragrances and underwear anyway.


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